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New Super Mario 3D Land trailer shows off some note chasing, Toad finding, Goomba stacking, and more.

With only a month to go before this releases in the states, there’s a bunch of new stuff hyping up Super Mario 3D Land today, including several short power-up videos (explains why everyone has Tanooki suits, and the P-Wing assist blocks), 75 screenshots, and a great 1UP preview:

Super Mario 3D Land — at least in the early going — seems to be short on real innovation but big on pure, simple entertainment. It strikes a middle balance between the stripped-down 2D simplicity of New Super Mario Bros. and the dizzying dazzlement of Super Mario Galaxy, with an emphasis on straightforward-yet-interesting level design.”

Sounds great! Can’t wait to play this, have hours of fun with it, and insist the 3DS still has no games afterward.

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need this game in my life

Ah~ So wonderful