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Anonymous asked
it was HIS cheating that people mean, not HERS. technically he was more at fault, and yet she was fired for fooling around with him. r-pattz doesn't matter to the angry bloggers.

Yeah, I get that. But I’m saying when you sleep with your married BOSS. The person with the POWER TO FIRE YOU. And his WIFE FINDS OUT. And you get FIRED. You shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, it could be the same case if they were BOTH SINGLE and their relationship just ended on bad terms and he fired her. That’s why most places either heavily discourage that kind of thing or even outright forbid it. Is it right? That’s a different discussion.

BUT when people tweet “When guys cheat they don’t get fired” that implies that she DID get fired for cheating. WHICH SHE DIDN’T.

Anonymous asked
Married man. Cheated. No repercussions. Obviously a dropkick. She wasn't married, yet because of the affair and hence a double standard in the industry, she lost her job. Grasp it yet? I'll give your itty brain a day to mull it over and come back if you're still having trouble.

Like I said. If she wasn’t dating anyone. And she did the same thing. She would have lost her job. I don’t see how you don’t get that?

Anonymous asked
actually that tweet was referring to the director she fooled around with who is still the director of the movie. he's the one who didn't lose his job even though his marriage was even more of a commitment than kristen's relationship.

But losing your job has nothing to do with cheating.

She didn’t lose it because she cheated. He didn’t because he cheated. They aren’t connected. That would be weird and fucked up.

She lost her job because she made the stupid decision of sleeping with her boss who was married. Whose wife then stepped up and said “Nope, either she doesn’t do the movie or you don’t do the movie.” It had nothing to do with like, some cosmic mandate that ladies who cheat on their boyfriends lose their jobs and men who cheat on their wives don’t.

Whether or not any of that is morally right or anything is an entirely different story. But it’s one that people aren’t really discussing because they keep trying to say the cheating was the issue, when it really wasn’t.

jermtube asked
.. i didn't say they're going to get killed by the mafia. and i'm trying to say Italy is bad. my point was that there are problems everywhere in the world...

But just issuing a blanket statement like “Italy is bad” is just as stupid as someone saying “Man, America suckz.” Like. People live there. LOTS of people live there. Happily and safely. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get out of the US and move somewhere else…

superblys asked
Are you okay? :( Did something happen?

Noooo, I’m fine. <3 I just made the mistake of posting “Man, I wish I could go outside after dark and feel safe. Stupid vagina.” Apparently that’s WrOnG tO fEeL~*~*

Anonymous asked
Having a vagina has nothing to do with it, you fucking dumbass. Men get attacked too. Go take a self defence class and stop playing the fucking victim.


Anonymous asked
lol autocorrect i'd better post about it lol my life is so funneh!!!

Dude, I get anon hate now! I’ve officially “made it.”

Anonymous asked
"Is there a better word for people like me?" Yes. You're a person who liked video games as a child, and who may still play those old games, but now feigns an interest in understanding video game culture or game culture in general because it was a way to get and, so far, keep a boyfriend.

Uh, I play current games too, bro? But keep in mind: I moved to a foreign country (where video games are so much more expensive fuuuck) and I’m kinda poor (sorry if rent is higher on the priority list, lolol).

And I don’t understand how purposefully posting quotes of me being bad at video games (like calling the assassin in the first Assassin’s Creed game Ezio or being mad at Oracle of Ages because I’m stuck) is me feigning an interest in video games? I mean. If that’s my intent, if I am truly trying to fool you all into thinking I’m something more than I am, I’m doing a really shit job.

that last part tho lol guyz tom lieks me cos i play vidya gaems :3

Because referring to Mass Effect 3 as the “space pirate” game whenever he mentions it wouldn’t tip him off that I’m not exactly the hardest of the core. Anon sure has me pegged.

Also, as a side note? That wasn’t a word.

Anonymous asked
I've been following both you and darknessandstarlight for a while and wow, it's never been more clear you don't know anything about the game industry and how it functions. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just funny to see you arguing with him about it when you don't know anything and he's obviously so into it. Anyway, carry on.

Hey Jacob, now that we’re using the same definitions, do you still disagree with what I said originally?

Anonymous asked
No, I meant your stupidly vague answer to that guys reply below. Do you even know what you're talking about?