Hi. I'm Sam. This is a thing.

I'm from Smalltown, New Jersey.
I live in Adelaide, Australia.
I'm studying Computer Science.

lol im a nerd lol

If you want to know something, just ask.

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Anonymous asked
"Is there a better word for people like me?" Yes. You're a person who liked video games as a child, and who may still play those old games, but now feigns an interest in understanding video game culture or game culture in general because it was a way to get and, so far, keep a boyfriend.

Uh, I play current games too, bro? But keep in mind: I moved to a foreign country (where video games are so much more expensive fuuuck) and I’m kinda poor (sorry if rent is higher on the priority list, lolol).

And I don’t understand how purposefully posting quotes of me being bad at video games (like calling the assassin in the first Assassin’s Creed game Ezio or being mad at Oracle of Ages because I’m stuck) is me feigning an interest in video games? I mean. If that’s my intent, if I am truly trying to fool you all into thinking I’m something more than I am, I’m doing a really shit job.

that last part tho lol guyz tom lieks me cos i play vidya gaems :3

Because referring to Mass Effect 3 as the “space pirate” game whenever he mentions it wouldn’t tip him off that I’m not exactly the hardest of the core. Anon sure has me pegged.

Also, as a side note? That wasn’t a word.